Berndes Tradition Square Grill Pan, 10"

Tradition Square Grill Pan, 10

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Product Information

Tradition Square Grill Pan, 10"

Vacuum-pressure cast aluminum, non-stick skillet

Item #: 671031
Size: 10" x 10"
Price: $179.99  

Product Description

Our Tradition pans are made from superior vacuum-pressure cast aluminum and guaranteed never to warp. The three layer interior along with the 2 layer exterior protects your food from sticking and burning The Tradition line comes with wooden handles to allow safe and easy transport from stome to tabletop.

Product line: Tradition® »

Berndes Tradition cookware:

  • Vacuum-pressure cast aluminum is superior to stamped in both shape and thickness
  • Tradition cookware is guaranteed never to warp
  • The 3-layer nonstick interior and 2-layer nonstick exterior surfaces protect foods from sticking and burning - manufactured with Gourmet Non-Stick Surface - Restaurant Tested
  • Tradition cookware is exceptionally easy to clean and facilitates fat-free cooking - fat-free cooking can be achieved without the addition of oil, fat or sprays
  • Wooden handles allow safe and easy transporting of pans, and stay cool on the stovetop so no potholders are necessary
    • Wooden handles can be wrapped with foil for use in oven
    • A light coating of food-grade mineral oil on the handle after oven use is suggested
  • The nonstick surface is designed to never chip, crack, blister, bubble or peel
  • Medium high heat will achieve great cooking results and saves valuable energy
  • Wooden or plastic utensils are recommended
  • Dishwasher clean up is not recommended for pans
  • Handles are designed for comfort and stability
  • Cast aluminum pans are ideal on ceramic, glass, and electric stovetops
  • For pans with lids: Glass lids are heat-resistant
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured in Germany
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